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# Date Updated At reported By Assigned To Area Ticket Title Finish By Status Details
12021-10-10 10:28:432021-10-10 10:28:43Pandemic HachibwantuPlumber: AstraZeneca SiakamusimbiKitchenAll lights off and some sockets not working2021-10-11Open Details
22021-10-10 10:53:342021-10-10 10:53:34Transformer BandaBuilder: Pandemic HakadoboRear GateWall near main gate about to collapse2021-10-12Closed Details
32021-10-10 11:29:292021-11-23 16:48:31Wuhan HabukokoGeneral Repairer: Pfizer PhiriDining HallBroken Chairs, all of them2021-10-13Open Details
42021-12-03 19:08:592021-12-03 19:08:59Magni ad nihil rerum sed similique suntPlumber: AstraZeneca SiakamusimbiKitchenAut officiis dolorem dolorem itaque sapiente vel2021-12-09Open Details