School Admission Procedure

Last Updated: 22 Aug 2021

Grades 8 & 10

New pupils are enrolled in term one, at the begining of each new year during the provincial selection for grades 8 and 10, this selection is refered to as the first selection. Second selection is done locally by the School Administration depending, on how much space is available after the first selection has been conducted. However, good results is still a requirment for any child to be enrolled with us even through second selection. Therefore, ensure that your child has scored not less than the set cut of point for that particular year before applying for a school place.

All those who are selected to join us in grade 8 or 10, are served with an acceptance letter which contains all the school enrollemnt requirements but we only give two weeks grace period for new pupils to report afer which, the space can be given away to someone else.

Grade 9, 11 & 12

Spaces for new pupils are limited because they are created by those puipls who get transfered or expelled from our school but one can chance them by checking with us.