Types of Communication

Last Updated: 11 Jun 2021

Communication Between Parents and Children in Boarding

As parents, you are required to communicate with your children (or wards) through School Authorities only and not any other foreign communication method or medium. Below are the School Authrories through whom you can communicate with your child (or ward):

  • Head-teacher's office
  • D/Head-teacher's office
  • HOD on-duty
  • Teacher on-duty
  • Class teacher
  • Careers & Guidance office
  • Accounts Assistant's office (for the purpose of financial concerns of a pupil only

NB: Unnecessary and frequent communication with pupils in boarding is not tolerated. Secondly, unnecessary and frequent visiting of pupils in boarding is also not tolerated nor encouraged. Therefore, when you bring parcels (food stuffs and other things) for pupils in boarding, do not consider it as a passport to see your child in person.

Communication Between Parents and the School

As an instution, we regard communication between parents and the school to be vital when it comes to pupils' welfare. Therefore, at the end of every term, pupils are issued with News Letters on Closing Day through their class teachers. The News Letters contain information about the previous term as well as the incoming term and any other information the school wishes to convey to the parents.

Progress Meetings

Being a Boarding School, we do not hold opening day which serves as an opportunity for parents to discuss the academic affairs of their children with school authorities. However, parents are welcome to make appointments with the School through the School Administration in order to have an opportunity to discuss the academic affairs of their children on a mutually convenient date and time.