Our Success Stories

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2021


  • We furnished the school Administration block with office furniture and cabinets in 2017
  • We furnished the staffroom with tables, chairs and cabinets in 2017
  • We furnished the departmental and section offices with chairs and tables in 2018
  • We furnished the school library with specialised tables and chairs (that is, 12 tables and 72 chairs) in 2019


  • We  procured 15 computers for the computer lab in 2017
  • We applied for extra computers from ZICTA and we were given 25 brand new HP computers and 1 Hp mutifunction printer in 2019

Printing machines

  • We procured 3 printers and a Riso duplicator in 2017. The RISO duplicator saves us money both on paper and ink when it comes to runing our local tests and exams. Apart from saving us money, the machine also saves us on time because its fast as compared to other photocpying machines
  • We procured a Canon photocopying machine in 2019 


  • We constructed a new hostel block for girls in 2017 through to 2018
  • We constructed a new traditonal kicthen that uses firewood as a backup during Zseco loadingshedding periods in 2017
  • We fenced the entire school parameter with a game wire to protect both property and people in 2018
  • We built a wall fence at the entrance of the school and branded it accordingly in 2018
  • We made a sliding gate for the school 
  • We constructed drainages around some selected school buildings 
  • We constructed walkways within the school areas

Food processing equipment

  • We procured a Dehauler and a Hammer Mill  for processing samp and mealie meal for pupils in boarding


  • We procured a brand new 40 sitter Tata Bus in 2017 through to 2018

Production Unit

  • We procured an irrrigation system for our main school garden in 2017